Authorities say that the sons committed the killing following the discovery of infidelity on the part of the deceased pastor.

Anderson do Carmo and Flordelis dos Santos Souza (Photo: press divulgation)

Anderson do Carmo and Flordelis dos Santos Souza (Photo: press divulgation)

In the most recent twist in the death of the pastor husband of one of Rio de Janeiro's most prominent legislator, two of the couples children admit responsibility for the killing.

Anderson do Carmo Souza, husband of Federal Deputy Flordelis dos Santos Souza, was shot and killed last Sunday outside his Niteroi home.

Flávio dos Santos Rodrigues, the biological son of Flordelis, allegedly ordered the killing after finding out about ongoing infidelity on the part of his stepfather. Police found a pistol Tuesday night in a closet in Flávio's room which authorities indicate was used in the killing.

Flávio was arrested Monday following the Funeral of Anderson. According to authorities he admitted that he shot the pastor six times.

Lucas dos Santos, the adopted son of the couple, is accused by police of killing Anderson. According to authorities, Lucas admitted his part in the killing to when he saw security camera footage that clearly showed him at the scene of the crime. Lucas also told authorities about the alleged role of Flávio in the killing. Flávio told authorities that Lucas purchased the weapon used.

According to authorities an unnamed son of the couple came forward Thursday alleging that the Deputy Flordelis and her three daughters paid R$10,000 ($2500) to Lucas to conduct the killing.

Graphic from Anderson’s autopsy indicating the location of bullet wounds.

Graphic from Anderson’s autopsy indicating the location of bullet wounds.

Flordelis and Anderson were profoundly religious and met well conducting missionary work in Jacarezinho Favela. Shortly after their marriage in 1993, they adopted 37 children, and at the time of Anderson's death, the couple was the legal guardians of 55 adopted and biological sons and daughters.

Anderson was executed shortly after parking his car at his Niteroi home. The killers shot 30 times with at least seven hitting the pelvic region of the pastor. Authorities said that the multiple gunshots and concentration of bullets would seem to indicate that the killing was emotional. Authorities also said that the number of rounds would suggest at least two shooters.

Authorities recovered nine bullet casings from the scene. These were used to match with the firearm that they found in Flávio's room.

Flávio, at the time of his arrest, had a pending warrant for domestic violence going back to April, as well as a restraining order filed by his ex-wife. Following his arrest, he required medical attention twice due to fainting caused in alterations in blood pressure.

Lucas, who had just turned 18, was the subject of a warrant for drug trafficking going back to when he was still a minor. Following his arrest, he was transferred to a socio-educative detention facility for juveniles.

The killing of politicians and their associates in Rio de Janeiro has seen an uptick in recent years. However, the personal nature and high profile of the Anderson case has made it a focal point for Brazilian media.

Federal Deputy Flordelis last released a statement Sunday indicating that she believed that the murder was a theft gone wrong. Following the arrest of her two son's she has not made a public statement and her representatives did not return requests for comment.